HS7000N 7,000 lbs. capacity Scissor Lift

HS7000N Features:

  • Controlled by dual hydraulic cylinders
  • Adjustable platform extensions to adapt
    for vehicle length
  • Platform is Electro-hydraulic operation
  • Air operated safety locks
  • Includes airline filter lubricator

Model: HS7000N
7000 lbs. capacity
Model: HS7000N
(Surface mounted)
(Flush mounted)
Lifting Capacity 3175kg (7000 lbs.) 3175kg (7000 lbs.)
Lifting Height (without rubber pad) 1820mm (71-5/8") 2010mm (79-1/8")
Minimum Height 189mm (7-3/8") 189mm (7-3/8")
Overall Width 1960mm (77-1/8") 1970mm (77-1/2")
Overall Length 4208mm (165-5/8") 2997mm (117-7/8")
Width of Platforms 530mm (20-3/4") 530mm (20-3/4")
Length of Platforms 1450mm (57") 1550mm (61")
Width Between Platforms 987mm (38-3/4") 910mm (35-3/4")
Pulling Length of Arms 525mm (20-5/8") 525mm (20-5/8")
Motor Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Power Options 1PH/220v/50Hz or 60Hz
3Ph/220v/50Hz or 60Hz
1PH/220v/50Hz or 60Hz
3Ph/220v/50Hz or 60Hz

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